Nicholson and Saville

Nicholson and Seville have built their reputation as elite gourmet food purveyors for the last 15 years. With that quality, requires a commitment to their customers and clients. This sort of service needs business grade internet services. The trouble they faced was there were no available lines in Taren Point to connect and alternatives were proving prohibitively expensive.

What they needed

Nicholson and Seville required a cost effective way of connecting both the phones and internet in a reliable way. They required the following:

1. Business grade internet connection
2. High Wi-Fi network capacity for multiple mobile devices
3. CCTV network capability
4. Remote access and cloud based connectivity
5. Cost effective without going to a dedicated fibre optic connection

Our solution

Through a bit of research and negotiating we got them connected. We provided the following:

1. VDSL technology connection over internal factory copper cabling
2. New business grade Wi-Fi router
3. PoE network switch with adequate port density for growth
4. Shared resources of internet connection, independent billing

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