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5 Tips for the selection of a phone system

1. Onsite phone system or cloud basedThe terminology around phones systems is varied, there is basically two types of systems available. An on-site phone system can be known as a PBX or IP PBX and will have a physical box located within the office…

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Before leasing your own office, consider a co-working space

Are you considering leasing an office for the first time? It can be a daunting and exciting process and we would like to share our 10 things to consider when leasing an office Remember there are many ways to write a lease and legal advice is…

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Virtual phone numbers – taking control of your business

I have just put together a really helpful service which will give you a virtual phone number for as little as $12.50 a month. You can advertise a virtual phone number on your website and divert it to another service, like your mobile or a managed…

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