Empowering local business in the shire

At Espressonet, we are passionate about empowering you, local business, to thrive through superior connectivity and communication tools. Our goal is to see you succeed in your industry and we want to be the conduit to help make that happen.

Brad Conyers was frustrated. He’d worked in the telco industry for years and saw firsthand the lack of support offered by major providers for business owners. He worked with some of the country’s leading telco organisations, learning the trade, understanding connectivity and feeling increasingly disenfranchised by the lack of customer focus. Existing Internet and phone service providers seemed to provide nothing but roadblocks to him and other small businesses alike.

The consistent lack of service, attention and reliability was just the wake-up call he needed. He was tired of the bitter taste this left. Time to take matters into his own hands. Brad wanted to insert a little energy, flavour and satisfaction back into the telco industry. It needed a good shot of flavoursome espresso. Thus, Espressonet was born.

What is great coffee? Well, it’s rich in flavour, enjoyable and never fails to give you the pick-me-up you crave.It gives us all the same mighty lift just when we need it. At Espressonet, that’s what we want for the telco industry.

We provide the full suite of connectivity services to ensure your business can thrive in this ever evolving digital space. We want to know you, your business goals and find the digital solution to make it happen. We won’t overwhelm you with a slew of complicated technical terms. We’ll use our technical expertise to provide solutions.

We’ve got the skills, and most importantly the passion to understand your communications needs. We’re here to give telco a good name.

The conduit between you and the digital world.

Brad Conyers, Founder

Brad has a wealth of experience and has cut his business teeth across a range of industries including; telecommunications, transport, construction, retail and health.

Brad’s career started out in the building and construction industry completing an electrical apprenticeship followed by an Associated Diploma in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Business and Technology. Brad explored many different industries, where he developed his business acumen and qualification. Upon discovering a passion for the telecommunications industry, Brad then focused his energy on building and growing his knowledge in this space.

Brad has an impressive mix of skills and certification from project management to account management. While working at Nokia, Brad managed the Vodafone account looking after the managed services agreement inclusive of network operations and field services for 5 years.

Brad contributed to the build of hundreds of mobile phone sites and telephone exchanges and more recently to the mobile coverage and capacity across the Sydney harbour bridge.

As an entrepreneur, Brad created a fresh roasted coffee supply to businesses and created the Shire’s first fresh roasted coffee espresso bar in Cronulla. During this time, he qualified as a Barista judge for the Australian Barista Competition.

We’ll make the net work for you.