Inspire Cowork

Inspire Cowork are a coworking space who rely on high quality internet and phone services to enable their clients to thrive. Without that reliable connection, Inspire Cowork are limited to what they can offer. They needed our help to secure better connectivity.

What they needed

We faced a number of challenges because Inspire Cowork are a growing business and need solutions to support this.

1. They wanted a service provider they could trust
2. Guaranteed up time and reliability with a business grade connection
3. Contract flexibility to make adjustments as the business grows

Our solution

We readjusted their services to ensure their needs were met.

1. Business grade internet connection
2. We organised to have a connection with the drastically reduced contention ratio of 1:1 which means their internet speed was dedicated
3. Up time guarantee of 99.9%
4. We also offered telco consultancy to all their Inspire Cowork customers

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