Cronulla Florist

Shop in the arcade near IGA supabarn / Kafe Neo / JD’s.

Cronulla Florist are a small business who had become increasingly frustrated with their dealings with the big Telcos. Their internet seemed to fail them every few days and their issues were never solved despite hours spent on the phone to various providers. Customers were not getting through and they were concerned their own business was suffering.

What they needed

They faced a number of challenges as a result of their connection issues.

1. Support local instead of fighting with large conglomerates
2. Reliable fast connections
3. Internet that did not constantly dropout
4. Personalised support

Our solution

We provided solutions that gave Cronulla Florists the connection they needed at the price they were happy with. We made the following changes:

1. Replaced ADSL2+ router with business grade equipment
2. Setup internet and phones to accommodate business needs
3. Provide ongoing account management

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