Abroenet Constructions

Abroenet Constructions are a high-quality building service. Their commitment to their customers requires consistent and reliable connectivity. When they were relocating to Caringbah, they faced the frustrating challenge of remaining connected . They needed a solution that would minimise the disruption to their clients, while being available to connect with potential new clients.

What they needed

There were four communication challenges we needed to address.

1. Maintain existing phone numbers without interruption
2. Create internet connection in new location
3. Manage the transfer of various mobile plans, each at different stages in their plans
4. Reliable high quality Wi-Fi coverage throughout new location

Our solution

In order to ensure their connection was never lost, and the new location was connected as quickly as possible, we took the following steps:

1. Set up call diversions
2. Ported all numbers to the cloud
3. Set up temporary internet connection at new location until DSL connection was made
4. Set up voicemail email for after hours with an option to dial ‘zero’ for anything urgent
5. Saved existing mobile plans 30-40%
6. Reused existing network where possible
7. Office set up and training
8. Worked directly with IT service provider to minimise downtime

Before Espressonet, we were constantly frustrated by Telstra’s complicated invoices and never ending communication issues. We’ve found Brad and his team to be easy to deal with, professional and always reliable.

Luke Payne, Director

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